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TG-AMT attend Taicang Intelligent Manufacturing Conference
Author:Tonggao Advanced Manufacturing Technology Co.,Ltd. Hit: date:2018-05-09

On March 12, Taicang Intelligent Manufacturing Conference was held in Taicang. TG-AMT as intelligent manufacturing service organization was invited to attend the conference.

The conference aims to thoroughly implement the spirit of the Government, accelerate the transformation and upgrading of enterprises, and actively promote technological transformation and intelligent manufacturing.

Wu Zhongliang, director of the Taicang City Economic and Information Committee, spoke at the meeting. Wu Zhongliang said that as of the end of 2017, Taicang had 8 provincial-level smart demonstration workshops and 7 municipal-level smart demonstration workshops. In 2017, the city completed a total investment of 16.4 billion yuan in industrial technological reforms, and 124 corporate projects were selected in the Taicang City 2017 Smart Manufacturing Project Library. Four new provincial-level demonstration smart workshops in 2017 and China-Germany (Taicang) Intelligent Manufacturing The Cooperate Innovation Park was selected as the first place in the 2017 Sino-German Cooperation Smart Manufacturing Demonstration Industrial Park.

Li Zhong, deputy director of the Suzhou Economic and Information Commission, fully affirmed the results of the 2017 intelligent workshop diagnostic service pilot project, and further emphasized that the intelligent workshop's transformation service requirements meet the actual needs of the company.

Taicang Municipal Party Committee Deputy Mayor Wang Jianguo fully affirmed the city's smart manufacturing work in the past year and put forward clear requirements for promoting smart manufacturing work in the next stage. He pointed out that intelligent manufacturing is the general trend and direction of the current industrial development in the world, and it is a key move to promote the high-quality development of the industrial economy in our city. It is necessary to firmly grasp the key links in promoting smart manufacturing, strengthen the basics and models, vigorously promote the use of intelligent manufacturing equipment and high-end industrial software, vigorously implement plans for the upgrade of manufacturing equipment and the upgrading of interconnections, and vigorously lead the smart manufacturing of high-end talent. It is necessary to speed up the agglomerating and promoting the development of smart manufacturing to achieve rapid, early and effective results, and make new and greater contributions for the city to speed up the construction of a modern industrial system and build a high quality “two cities and two cities”. At the meeting, a number of intelligent transformation cooperation projects were successfully signed. 4 companies speak in exchange. After the meeting, the company communicated with the intelligent manufacturing service organization.

TG-AMT as an advanced intelligent manufacturing technology company with a number of independent patents, it is a high-tech enterprise in Jiangsu Province. It has mature technologies, rich experience in program design, and powerful technologies in laser welding technology, automotive trimming technology and aluminum alloy cold links. Commissioning operations team. While serving customers from other regions, we will develop local markets, serve local customers, help Taicang companies introduce new laser welding processes, and advance the high-end development of major equipment industries in the port area and the city's equipment manufacturing industry.