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TG-AMT achieving a complete success in AMTS exhibition
Author:Tonggao Advanced Manufacturing Technology Co.,Ltd. Hit: date:2018-07-04

From July 4th to July 7th, 2018, AMTS Exhibition was successfully held at Pudong New International Expo Center. Together with the TG-AMT joined hands with Bollhoff and Shangke welding at the E2-F20 booth. TG-AMT not only shows the laser welding system, the piping workstation, the new energy battery box welding process, but also responds to energy saving and emission reduction, automobile lightweight manufacturing, and shows its production in the trial workshop manufactured by Thunder Power. More intuitive display of new materials and new technologies in the lightweight of aluminum bodies. Provide customers with complete and mature connection technology solutions.
During the exhibition, Dr. Tang Xudong, Chairman of the Board of TG-AMT, attended the exhibition and was interviewed by the media. With the stunning appearance of high-tech, it attracted a large number of professional visitors from the industry, and exchanged ideas and exchanges with high-tech related personnel and audiences on the development of lightweight aluminum connection technology. The exhibition has achieved great success. In the process of continuous innovation and development, we will continue to adhere to the three values of innovation, technology and service, and hope to provide customers with newer, better and more services.