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In the field of new energy power battery welding, TG-AMT has been devoted to the research of high-speed welding process of aluminum alloy battery cell boxes. Through continuous innovation and experimentation with TG-AMT R&D departments, laser galvanometer scanning technology has been successfully designed and manufactured as the core process. Product welding station - Super Laser Welder. The SLW-BC-40 is a battery welding device that utilizes advanced automation technology to significantly increase the efficiency of welding.

SLW-BC-40 Welding Workstation.

High quality: Sealing test pass rate over 99%


High efficiency: Laser scan welding of the top cover of the battery, producing up to 40 beats per minute.

High flexibility: modular design, compact structure. In addition to laser welding, intelligent modules such as loading and unloading, capping, and quality inspection can be freely selected.

TG-AMT research and development of new energy power batteries continue to progress, we look forward to working with you to provide you with efficient battery packaging solutions. (For more detailed information, please contact us).