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Laser Application
The LDF series
Author:Tonggao Advanced Manufacturing Technology Co.,Ltd. Hit: date:2018-05-08

LDF series and LDM series in Laserline are used by TG-AMT.

Laserline's LDF Series Laser Features:

          1. Improved diode active water cooling system, high power lasers can obtain high quality light beam

          2. 7-kilowatt laser power emitted in 2.600 micron core diameter, divergence angle NA0,1

          3. Modular design is more flexible

          4. The cooling system can be configured separately

          5. Nearly 50% of the power efficiency

          6. Mobile hot-swappable operation panel for more flexible remote detection and control

The latest industrial Ethernet network connects system components, laser interfaces and central control systems for real-time monitoring. The OPC/UA interface provides independence for the platform, providing the prerequisites for vertical and horizontal data communication. Makes the laser well integrated into the modern system structure. All information can be retrieved at any time, regardless of the time and geographical location, or through the mobile operator panel, or through the control center's network connection, as well as through secure remote access. (For more information on Laserline, please visit Laserline's official website)