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Tonggao Advanced Manufacturing Technology (Taicang) Co., Ltd. is a high-tech enterprise specializing in providing metal automation connection solutions for customers:

The company was founded in 2014 with a registered capital of 37.5 million, located in Taicang Port Economic Development Zone.

There are nearly 65 employees in the company, including one national-level foreign-thousand-person plan expert, four Ph.Ds, and 12 masters, bachelor accounting for 90% of employees.

The company mainly provides professional engineering and technical services for manufacturing industries such as automotive, marine, high-speed rail and aerospace, especially in high-power laser welding, robotic piping, and aluminum alloy cold-joining processes and automation equipment technologies.

· Major customers include BMW, Volvo, Volkswagen, General Motors, China CNR.

· The company adheres to the three values of innovation, technology and service, and hopes to provide updated, better and more services for our customers.

We have established a team of first-rate technical R&D experts centered on German Dr. Malte and Dr. Shi Lun from Shanghai Jiaotong University. Together with the Taicang High-Tech Research Institute of Tongji University, we have built a 2000m2 high-tech research laboratory, including high-power laser welding. Research laboratory, 3D online scanning laboratory, robotic edge lab The laboratory is led by Dr. Liu Haijiang from Tongji University , principal researcher of the same High School. Hi-Tech appointed Dr. Malte, a German technical expert, as the team's core technical team to participate in daily operations.

At the same time, we have established long-term technical R&D and cooperation with Germany's Fraunhofer ILT, German VW, German LaserLine, Swedish Permanova, and other organizations to tackle problems in welding equipment, laser processing, and automation control solutions. And breakthroughs, and won a number of domestic high-tech patent title.